Starlight Portfolios, with Kemi Akeju | August 28, 2020

Starlight Portfolios provides investors of any size access to a broad universe of diversified investments, exclusively through mutual funds. The portfolios feature investment management flexibility, research-based recommendations and goal based planning.

Starlight Portfolios is the new age of financial planning, serving as your online investment advisory platform. We’ve designed the investor experience to provide your clients with the tools they need to build and manage a portfolio — at any time and any place.

The changing face of today’s financial planning practice requires that you not only respond quickly to changes in the market, you must also stay ahead of trends within the marketing of financial services.

Starlight Portfolios serves as a complement to your financial planning practice, resulting in a combination of expertise and service supported by our online investment advisory capabilities. We make it fast and simple to open an investment account. Our online process leads to less paperwork for you to manage and helps minimize errors. Just five simple steps and your clients will be well on the way to managing their own portfolio.

Kemi joined The Leaders Group in 2016 as an Advisory Marketing Coordinator, and now serves as manager of the Brand & Strategy team.  She began her marketing career 20+ years ago with a large general agency of New England Financial. Kemi earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in business administration, with an emphasis in marketing.

Prior to joining The Leaders Group, Kemi assisted with the creation of an independent financial planning practice serving communications professionals. She also has experience as a marketing consultant in the legal, publishing, accounting and nonprofit industries. She currently provides brand and strategic development consultation to local political candidates.

Kemi is a music enthusiast playing the violin, electric bass, mandolin and drums. You can find her around town performing with various bands as lead or back up vocalist.