If you’re new to social media, this series of marketing blogs will provide you with basic education and helpful tips to get you on the road to implementing a social media strategy.

The need to connect with clients becomes more and more important during these unprecedented times. Whether you are taking advantage of The Leaders Group’s partnership with Zoom, automating your email communications with one of our many tech marketing partners, or embracing the robo-investment functions of Starlight Portfolios, you need an arsenal of virtual tools to improve your communications with clients.

With that in mind, how’s your social media game looking?

If you’re lacking social media skills, activity and/or presence, here are the first four questions you need to answer:

  1. Where does your target market gather online? And are those sites or apps that you can create a profile and engage?
  2. How will you position your brand online? Will you post as yourself, as your firm, or some combination of both?
  3. What do your social media posts entail? There are a few schools of thought about the type of content you should post, depending on the social media outlet you use.
  4. How do you evaluate your strategy and measure success?

Stay tuned as we dive further into the above questions and provide resources to help you easily formulate a social media strategy. Meanwhile, take advantage of the following:

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