We believe as a broker-dealer that when the proper situation presents itself, it is your fiduciary duty to use best practice and best execution when presenting a life settlement option to your client. That is why I wanted to introduce Asset Life Settlements as our Premier Life Settlement Broker to all of our Leaders Group financial professionals in this week’s Word On The Street.

With over 40 years of combined secondary market experience, Asset Life Settlements, LLC has the knowledge, experience, and industry relationships. Following a careful review of APS’s, properly illustrated in-force ledgers, Asset Life Settlements executes a strategic underwriting, case building and bidding process engaging multiple institutional money sources to obtain the highest offers possible. If you have any clients that need a policy appraisal, own a life insurance policy they no longer need, or are seeking relief from expensive premium payments, I would highly recommend reaching out to Asset Life Settlements, LLC to learn how they can help your client appraise and monetize their life insurance contract.

For more information on Asset life Settlements, LLC or to learn more about if your client’s situation is a true fit for a life settlement opportunity, please contact:

Jeff Hallman (Managing Partner) at: 407-413-8660 or 888-335-4769 x1108 cell 321-663-0560

Scott Thomas (Managing partner): 407-413-8661 or 888-33504768 x1115 cell 407-492-1936

Contact Micah Hesting for more information:
Business Development and Service Support Team Manager
Ext. 1130