If you are in the VUL marketplace and have not taken a recent look at John Hancock, now might be a good time to do so. 

John Hancock recently strengthened their long-term guarantee on their Protection VUL product offering. This new design offers competitive level pay solves at the top three risk classes that are #1 versus key VUL competitors in this space at almost every issue age. That, coupled with a guaranteed death benefit to age 100 that has no investment restrictions (over 50 variable investment options in a wide variety of asset classes) to maintain the age 100 guarantee and their Vitality program that has Vitality Plus credits built in allowing the guarantee to stay in force even while the required premium is discounted, makes the John Hancock Protection VUL product a serious contender in this space.

In addition to the above mentioned, don’t forget about John Hancock’s Long-Term Care rider. While many carriers offer Long-Term Care or Chronic-Illness riders, what makes John Hancock’s rider stand out is their design. John Hancock uses a reimbursement approach which means there is a pre-determined cost and a predictable amount of coverage, giving your clients the confidence that what they are buying today, will be how much they will be covered in the future.

So, in short, when you combine John Hancock’s low-cost Protection VUL product with their Long-Term Care rider, you can give your clients the comprehensive living benefit coverage that helps protect their finances from the unexpected at a price that often can’t be beat.

For more information on the John Hancock Protection VUL product, please visit JHSaleshub.com and search Protection VUL, or contact the John Hancock sales desk at 888-266-7498 option 2.

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