AssetMark, Inc. offers unique asset management solutions and practice management consulting to help you grow your practice and develop long-lasting client relationships. In fact, they will actually send someone out to your office (virtual meetings during COVID restrictions until further notice) to sit down with you and help you create and design a fee-based model that fits into how you currently run your business. They can also assist with a plan of attack to help you transition a portion or all your client’s investment assets to a fee-based model. One of our advisors that has partnered with AssetMark in this manner has taken the fee-based side of his business from $0 to $150,000 in recurring revenue in just under three years. His only regret now is that he didn’t partner with AssetMark and make the change from being “just an insurance guy” sooner.

It is my belief that this initial support, coupled with their ongoing support and investment platform, is what makes AssetMark not only a unique partner but one of the fastest growing third-party money management firms in the industry as well. AssetMark was founded in 1996, has 2,152 engaged advisors, and currently manages $56.1 billion. Over the years, AssetMark’s philosophy has evolved, but it has always been centered on providing advisors the following key capabilities:

  • Multiple Strategists: No single firm always has the “right” asset allocation, so their philosophy has always been anchored in providing advisors with a diverse array of strategists.
    • Today, AssetMark has 15 strategists, including firms like JP Morgan, Blackrock, Doubleline, State Street and more
      • Collectively these strategists manage over $15 trillion with 2,000 PhDs and CFAs in 80 locations around the world.
      • Often these firms have $15-$25 million investment minimums for some of the same types of strategies we have access to at a much lower threshold through partnering with AssetMark. This gives everyday clients the opportunity to play in the same investment sandbox as the billionaires of the world.
  • Advice & Guidance
    • AssetMark’s experienced investment team helps advisors blend complementary strategists together to construct portfolios for clients.
    • They partner closely with advisors to craft portfolios that fit your preferences and your client’s needs.
  • Practice Management
    • Beyond a variety of best practices workshops, AssetMark also has Regional Practice Management Consultants.
      • These deeply experienced coaches work to identify each advisor’s strengths and areas where they need improvement.
      • They then engage with them on an ongoing basis to help implement change, grow their practice, and increase the value of their businesses.

Below are the “Working with AssetMark” and “Guiding Clients to Fees” brochures for your review. If you would like to learn more about AssetMark or speak about incorporating a fee-based model into your current business model, please give me a call. Thanks!

Contact Micah Hesting for more information:
Business Development and Service Support Team Manager
Ext. 1130