Managing wealth—what once seemed like a straightforward proposition—has grown ever more complex. Goals that were clear and within reach now appear muddled and distant. Each investor has unique life goals, requiring your financial advice and the right investment solutions to help them achieve those goals. The SEI American Funds Strategies give you additional options as you chart the course toward a client’s financial future with portfolios that seek to deliver outcome-oriented results.  

SEI is offering six strategies built with American Funds by Capital Group to provide greater flexibility to empower you to help your clients meet investment goals.

SEI American Funds Strategies:

  • Are designed, constructed and maintained by SEI’s Investment Management Unit¹ based upon the company’s asset allocation philosophy.
  • Are built with a core of American Funds by Capital Group using its low-cost, F3 share class.
  • Support a goals-based wealth management approach and align with growth-, stability- and income-focused goals.
  • Benefit from the safety and security of assets being held within SEI Private Trust Company.

The SEI American Funds Strategies span a broad risk-return spectrum, allowing investors to seek different targeted levels of returns commensurate with different targeted levels of risk and apply a strategic asset allocation that is based upon long-term capital market assumptions. Making use of a full complement of American Funds built by SEI Investments Management Corporation, the strategies seek to provide a high level of diversification across a variety of asset classes. Although the strategies generally select from the American Funds, money market fund allocations within the portfolio may be allocated to one or more mutual funds from SEI’s family of mutual funds.

If you would like to talk in more detail about these strategies, please give me a call.  Also, I have attached a link below to the SEI website where you can learn more about the solution.

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1 SEI’s Investment Management Unit is a team within SEI Investments Management Corporation (SIMC), which serves as investment advisor.

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