How much time are your clients spending each month handling day-to-day administrative tasks for their retirement plans? Are there other things they could be doing to be more effective?

What if I told you liberation from mundane administrative tasks is just a phone call away? Well, it is. It’s Mutual of Omaha Retirement Service’s 401(k) Admin AdvantageSM – their 3(16) fiduciary solution. Here are some of the ways they can help:

  • Minimize risk – Their services help plan sponsors by sharing selected regulatory obligations and administrative requirements with Mutual of Omaha as a 3(16) co-fiduciary
  • Reduce paperwork – Their team of professionals help simplify day-to­day administrative duties, including participant notice distribution and transaction processing
  • Save time – They handle the plan administration, so your clients can focus on managing their business
  • Provide flexibility – Your clients select the level of service they need for their plan along with the choice of electronic or print delivery of notices
  • Gain peace of mind – Your clients receive help to avoid putting their plan at risk and gain confidence knowing the plan administrative responsibilities are covered

One of Mutual of Omaha Retirement Service’s many satisfied retirement plan customers currently utilizing 401(k) Admin Advantage services is Palace Entertainment. Watch this video to hear what they have to say.

If you have current clients who are tired of the hassle and are ready to hand over day-to-day administrative tasks to our team of seasoned professionals, contact the Mutual of Omaha Sales Desk at 877-401-7253 or by email

Contact Micah Hesting for more information:
Business Development and Service Support Team Manager
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