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Discounted rate of $69.95 a month, flat fee unlimited use.

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Let Copytalk solve your documentation needs and help keep your notes accurate and up to date without compromising on security or convenience.

How it works: After a client/prospect meeting, pick up your phone, dial Copytalk or use our smartphone application to dictate your notes while they are fresh. Subscribers will dictate meeting notes, follow-up letters, to-do lists for your team and more.

Copytalk transcribes your words into text and delivers back to you and staff via email within a few hours. Simply copy and paste into a client management system or print for your files. Mobile Scribe is a flat fee, month-to-month individual service, no contracts or commitments and unlimited use.

Copytalk Mobile Scribe features:

  • Easy to use: as simple as leaving a voicemail. Call or mobile application.
  • Saves time: focus on revenue-generating activities.
  • Be efficient: send emails and directives to your teams.
  • Be compliant: determine, dictate and document recommendations.
  • Receive email back within hours or have it integrated into a CRM
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