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Imagine Better Prospects and Delighted Clients.

Snappy Kraken is the leading provider of marketing automation, online advertising, and bold, unique marketing for financial professionals. (Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction in 2020 Morningstar/T3 Adviser Technology Survey).  

Each automated campaign on the Snappy Kraken platform is focused on achieving specific and trackable goals. These goals include lead generation, prospect nurturing, referral generation, and more. Most importantly, Snappy Kraken’s clients are granted exclusive rights to their own advertising territory to ensure they never end up running the same ad campaigns as their competition.

Services Include:  

  • Prospecting & Lead Generation Campaigns  
  • Nurturing Funnels  
  • Client Newsletter Campaigns  
  • Referral Generation Campaigns  
  • Automated Workflows  
  • Facebook Advertising 
  • Video Production 

All Snappy Kraken subscribers are assigned to a team of Success Specialists who help them setup, manage, and optimize their use of the platform through monthly performance check-ins. Snappy Kraken isn’t just another canned content library or marketing technology platform…they’re truly a proven program that leads to proven results!