No, in light of the pandemic and the need for strict social distancing, we are hosting the conference in a digital environment via The Straight Talk Series.

The Straight Talk Series is a new digital format created to provide The Leaders Group’s reps with sales insight and guidance from our top producers, as well as practice management best practices from our partners.

Please view the Calendar of Events available at: leadersgroupuniversity.com/straight-talk-series.

Links to each presentation are available on the event site located at: leadersgroupuniversity.com/straight-talk-series.

Yes, you will need to register in order to participate in the sessions. Please register at leadersgroupuniversity.com/straight-talk-series. Registration for each session ends once the session goes live at 10 a.m. Mountain.

Each session will run approximately one hour.

Yes, each session will feature a Q & A segment.

We will send out the Compliance Meeting webinar separately.

To meet your annual requirements, you must attend four different sessions in addition to the mandatory Annual Compliance Meeting.

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