Mariner is a true turnkey solution for a fee-based account with an RIA fiduciary asset management provider. Mariner delivers active asset management coupled with best-in-class technology. This means you and your clients enjoy the best investment management technology without the hassle of managing software and without any software license costs.

Comprehensive Turnkey Technology

Managing technology can be a real hassle. For an advisor focused on client relationships and business development, it can be challenging if not overwhelming to also manage multiple software solutions to deliver investors a seamless service experience. When you choose to work with Mariner, they manage the technology and extend their best-in-class platform directly to you and your clients. The technology includes:

Solicitation – As the industry moves to a fiduciary model on retirement accounts, it will become standard to incorporate an investment proposal in your solicitation process. Mariner makes this initial step easy. Mariner administers the proposal software and delivers you a hard copy custom proposal for your investor. Their proposal includes an advisor cheat sheet with portfolio design notes making it easy for you to prepare, present and win new customer accounts.

Back Office Support – Moving from proposal to establishing a new account is also easy with Mariner as your back-office partner. After submitting the new account forms, they take over and monitor the workflow. This includes coordinating any Not in Good Order issues as well as tracking transfer of assets. After the account is established, they serve as your support backstop. Their service team is available to help your customers with an account inquiry, market question or cash need.

Account Access – The heart of their technology is their account inquiry and performance reporting. They make things simple though They coordinate custodian data feeds into their performance reporting software and seamlessly display the reporting to you and your clients through their website. You gain access with an ID and password. Your credentials provide an aggregated view of all investor accounts and reporting. Your customers’ ID and password provide a summary view of their portfolio and information at the account and holding level. 

Communication – Also available through is their periodic market commentary. Written by their staff economist, they keep your customers current on market activity with a historical perspective related to market trends.

Financial Plans – They round out their comprehensive technology with complimentary financial plans for Mariner customers. When you choose to incorporate a financial plan in an annual meeting, simply send their planning desk basic information about your investors’ assets and goals, and they will generate a comprehensive financial plan. Like their investment proposal, they will return the financial plan to you with presentation notes to bolster your annual review and uncover additional asset management opportunities.

In addition to the solutions you and your investors will enjoy, they also administer and use institutional portfolio management software in their back office to efficiently screen investments and rebalance portfolios. From front office to back office, Mariner has you covered. They deliver you a virtual office enabling you to focus on growing your business.


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