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Use the links below to get started in LEADERSlink.

Access LEADERSlink Libraries

LEADERSlink Libraries contains documents from our product partners, our marketing team and other helpful resources for your business. Follow the walkthrough below to access the main library, and explore our curated content.

Step 1

Log into your LEADERSlink account.

Click on the “+” icon to the right of the menu options.

Step 2

Locate “Libraries” from the right-hand column.

Below is a screenshot of the libraries page. Much of this content has been shared with you through the Leaders Weekly. Use Libraries to find that previously published content, without having to dig through your email inbox.




These are some of the options available for sending secure emails. You are not required to use these methods if you have your own encryption service. Email Encryption Instructions

  • Log into the secure email portal
  • If you do not have access to the portal, email to obtain access.
  • Compose your secure email using the green plus sign, and select “Secure Message”.
  • Send the email.

Encryption with Adobe Acrobat Version 9

  • Create a pdf file by printing to Adobe PDF or saving as pdf file.
  • Open pdf file
  • Go the Advanced tab on the menu bar and then to Security, or the Secure Icon on the toolbar
  • Click on Encrypt with password
  • Click Yes if it asks “Are you sure you want to change the security on this document?”
  • Click on Require a password to open the document
  • Type in your password
  • Click on OK
  • Re type the password when prompted
  • Save the document

Encryption using WinZip

  • Go to if you don’t have WinZip on your computer
  • Click on download WinZip
  • Click on Get WinZip Free
  • Download 45-day trial (aka “Evaluation Version”) on your computer

To zip a file:

  • Right click on the file name
  • Click on WinZip
  • Click on Add to Zip file
  • Name the Zip file and save to desired location on your computer
  • Open the zip file after it is created
  • Click on Tools icon in toolbar, then click Encrypt icon
  • Enter password and click OK

Attach encrypted file to your email and CALL the recipient with the password, or send the password in a separate email.