Great American recently updated their RILA product line in order to provide even higher caps than available on their original Summit 6, Frontier 5, and Frontier 7 product offerings. With only a couple other companies competing for the top cap rates out there on shorter term investment segments (1-year and/or 2-year terms), Great American wanted to improve their ranking at the top and created the “Pro Series” to move up that ladder.

If you are familiar with Great American, then you are familiar with their Summit 6, Frontier 5, and Frontier 7 RILA contract options. These products were only challenged by a couple other companies as far as who had the highest cap rates out there for shorter investment term (1-year and/or 2-year) options. With Allianz having slightly higher caps but also charging a fee for the contract, Great American decided to do the same thing but come in with lower fees and higher caps, pushing them in front of Allianz. With the addition of a small fee (50bps-100bps depending on what contract you choose), Great American now sits at the top of the RILA market with one other company regarding the highest caps on the RILA market for shorter term investment segments.

Please see the links below for the updated index investment options and new cap rates.

Note: Some of the lesser used index options have been eliminated.

Frontier 5 Pro:

Frontier 7 Pro:

Summit 6 Pro:

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