Equitable Financial created the registered index-linked annuity (RILA) space in 2010 with Structured Capital Strategies®, providing partial protection to over 180,000 clients investing $26 billion in assets under management. As the RILA landscape evolves, Equitable is evolving with it, and that is why on June 21, 2021, they released their newly enhanced Structured Capital Strategies offering, calling it Structured Capital Strategies Plus 21. Structured Capital Strategies Plus 21 will replace Structured Capital Strategies in all approved jurisdictions. Please see below for some of the exciting new enhancements.

  • Expanded Enhanced Upside Segments:

o   S&P 500, 6-yr, -10%, 110% Enhanced Upside Segment

o   S&P 500, 6-yr, -15%, 110% and 125% Enhanced Upside Segments

  • New Segments:

o   New S&P 500, 1- and 6-year Standard Segment with -15% Buffer

o   New Russell 2000, 6-year Standard Segment with -15% Buffer

o   New NASDAQ, 6-yr Standard Segments with -10%, -15%, and -20% Buffers

o   New MSCI EAFE, 6-year Standard Segment with -15% Buffer

  • New Indices:

o   EURO STOXX 50, 1-yr, Standard Segment, -10% buffer

o   MSCI EAFE Index replaces iShares┬« MSCI EAFE ETF

  • New Markets: New Inherited IRA, Inherited Non-Qualified and SEP IRA markets offered that were previously unavailable on the SCS platform.
  • More frequent offerings along with a Single Segment Transaction Date for both Start and Maturity Date: Now offering weekly sweeps generally every Thursday.
  • Performance Cap Rate Hold: Clients may elect a rate hold for the Performance Cap Rate in effect on their Application Received Date. The secured Performance Cap Rate will apply to all contributions made from the Application Received Dateuntil the Rate Hold Expiration Date.
  • Elimination of the contract fee
  • Transfer anytime: Segment transfers will be allowed at any time prior to maturity date.
  • Systematic withdrawals: New systematic withdrawal program designed to allow clients to schedule their withdrawals on a set frequency.
  • New free withdrawal amount calculation: The free withdrawal amount is equal to 10% of the Annuity Account Value at the beginning of the contract year. In the first contract year amounts received within 90 days of the Contract Date are included for purposes of calculating the Free Withdrawal Amount. Amounts withdrawn up to the Free Withdrawal Amount will not be deemed a withdrawal of contributions for the purpose of calculating a Withdrawal Charge. The free withdrawal amount does not apply when calculating the withdrawal charge applicable upon surrender.

To view current rates on the Structured Capital Strategies contract please click the link below.

Performance Cap Rate page: www.equitable.com/scsplus

Contact Micah Hesting for more information:
Business Development and Service Support Team Manager
Ext. 1130