In leaders link, find and select the tab titled “home office request”, hit the “new home office request” button.

In the drop down menu, select “add/change authorized user” and hit continue.

Fill in all fields with the vertical red line, as these are required fields:

  • advisor (you)
  • action requested (adding or removing an already existing user)
  • replace existing authorized user? (if replacing a user, please give first name, last name, & email address in the “notes” field at the bottom)
  • first name, last name, email address (of the user you are adding or removing)
  • registered rep or fingerprinted person (yes or no)
  • can they contact us about compensation (yes or no)
  • create LeadersLink login for them? (select if you want your assistant to be able to use LeadersLink and view or not view your compensation)

Sign the signature line, after reading the disclosure.

Notes field is optional.

Hit save.

Hit submit for approval and allow 24-48 hour turnaround time.