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Social Media Flex | Part 2: Where’s Your Niche?

Social media offers another way to connect with clients and prospects. It creates the opportunity to position yourself as a content expert and lends credibility to your abilities as a financial professional. However, this is

Social Media Flex | Part 1

If you're new to social media, this series of our marketing blog will provide you with basic education and helpful tips to get you on the road to implementing a social media strategy. The

Your Firm’s Website: Content

Your website’s content strategy serves three purposes: 1. Position your site (and you by extension) as a resource; 2. Provide an opportunity to attract prospects; and 3. Easily identify ways to connect with you.

Your Firm’s Website: User Experience

At this point, many financial professionals create a website because it’s expected. On the list of startup activities, creating a website is a line item next to business cards and letterhead. In the mid-90s

Finding a Local Printer

As a small business owner, sourcing a print shop can be a daunting task. Printers use all sorts of lingo you may not be familiar with, the pricing can be confusing, and timing is