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Social Media Flex | Part 5: Metrics

The measure of success varies from person to person, which holds it firmly in that ambiguous gray area labelled “subjective.” The measures of success, or performance, in the social media world are reported through metrics.

Social Media Flex | Part 4: Content

As you know, The Leaders Group’s social media policy prohibits use of any social media app outside of LinkedIn and Facebook (business pages only). Each of those apps have completely different types of content

Social Media Flex | Part 3: Brand Positioning

The importance of branding is best framed as the picture that comes to mind when a client thinks of you. Your brand is a representation of your service, your value, and your offering. It’s

Social Media Flex | Part 2: Where’s Your Niche?

Social media offers another way to connect with clients and prospects. It creates the opportunity to position yourself as a content expert and lends credibility to your abilities as a financial professional. However, this

Social Media Flex | Part 1: An Overview

If you're new to social media, this series of marketing blogs will provide you with basic education and helpful tips to get you on the road to implementing a social media strategy. The need to

Your Firm’s Website: Content

Your website’s content strategy serves three purposes: 1. Position your site (and you by extension) as a resource; 2. Provide an opportunity to attract prospects; and 3. Easily identify ways to connect with you.

Your Firm’s Website: User Experience

At this point, many financial professionals create a website because it’s expected. On the list of startup activities, creating a website is a line item next to business cards and letterhead. In the mid-90s

Finding a Local Printer

As a small business owner, sourcing a print shop can be a daunting task. Printers use all sorts of lingo you may not be familiar with, the pricing can be confusing, and timing is